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Documentary Film Producer


In association with director of photography Roy Brewington, Petrus Film specialises in the production of travel film cinematography of stunning quality that captures the essence and beauty of a location and especially its atmosphere. This is achieved by using the latest technology in image capturing, allowing for excellent quality results even in low-light situations, thus ensuring the most natural ‘look’ of any scene, no matter the time of day.

It also allows for maximum use of available light in interiors - allowing minimal use of film lights thus ensuring a discrete and cost-effective production set-up even in public environments such as museums, hotels and restaurants.

In short: breathtaking better-than-film cinematography at the cost of video.


The High Definition material produced by Petrus Film is fully compatible with all broadcast standards: full 1920 X 1080 captured on a Super 35mm 4K sensor, using film-like gamma and 4.2.2 color sampling, permits full color correction and the use of effects in post-production without any loss of image quality.

Encoded for internet or DVD, the image quality is superb.


Canon EOS C300 cinema camera with lenses suitable for all situations, including night filming and also architecture & interior shots with virtually no perspective distortion even in confined spaces. Slow motion and time-lapse capability.

Canon 5D mk.3

Kino-Flo flicker- free, cool lighting.

+420 775 505059
+420 775 505059
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